Tell Me Your Story

Please, tell me your story.

Bring me in close and open the lid on that bottle of secrets you swore you'd never share.

Give me your daily struggle and leave me dying to know how you overcame. Show me the life behind those eyes and the why to your awakening.

A thousand years ago we'd gather round the fire and tell tales of our journeys. We'd share our losses and our pains. We'd speak of adventures and whisper to the sound of warm crackling timber and smokey night air. Stories bound us together and held us in tribes. It was the blood to the community and religion for the spirit. 

But now now we have forgotten our voices and allow hollow taps on a glowing screen to impersonate our togetherness. Where there were once rivers there is now only sand.  

So hush your lips from the gossip of trends and passing political fashions. Remove the filters from your faces and reveal the raw, moist sinews of your soul.

Squeeze my hand as you tell me where you are going and the adventures you have yet to live out. 

We are not many but breath as one. Though your journey is diffferent, it is really the same. Your loneliness is my blanket for I also sleep companionless in the dark. Extend its corners around my shoulders.

I ask you, do tell me your story. For I too need to feel I belong.


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Kyson Dana is a designer and humanitarian working from San Francisco, California. He specializes in web design, branding, and illustration for purpose driven companies.