Star Valley Summer

This week we are 800 miles from home, but we're spending the week in a place that feels so much like home. It's the kind of place that always acts like your true north—that no matter how far away you go it always seems to call you back. 

Part of my childhood was spent living in Star Valley, Wyoming and the rest was spent driving from Idaho to Star Valley. I've spent countless hours/days camping, biking, fishing and exploring in these mountains. 

My parents now living in Star Valley and so going home to visit is basically like going on vacation to the mountains. They live about an hour south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their house is perched beautifully on the top of a hill that overlooks the valley and oversees the rolling farmlands.

One of the first evenings that we were there we went on a quick mountain bike through the tall grain fields. The sun was setting and the light was beautifully cutting through grass. My mom also got out their with my little sisters and zipped around along the ridge top. I love my family so much. California is pretty amazing but I sure do miss spending lots of time with these people. 



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