Boosted Road Rash

It finally happened. I crashed on my board. It was, of course, right in the middle of an intersection with cars all around. Picture me rolling, backpack flailing, nearby teenagers laughing, cars slowing to get a better look, and my board bashing against the side of the curb. My ego was definitely hurt worse than my limbs, although those kind of hurt too. After riding my board almost every day for a year without any falls, this week it finally happened.

The Boosted board goes about 22 mph, but I was going downhill and had it pegged so I'm sure I was going faster. I was too confident. It has brakes so I knew I had nothing to worry about. Besides, the day prior I rode all around San Francisco, weaving through cars and dodging potholes, while taking photos of other riders with my camera. If I can do that then I can easily take a fast turn at the bottom of the hill a hundreds yards from my house. 

I left for work bright and early on Friday morning. The sun was out and it was the first warm day we've had in the past six months so I left my jacket hanging in the closet. My exposed pink and bony bare arms would soon battle the asphalt alone. I took off down the hill going as fast as I could. I love the rush and that cool morning wind is a beautiful wake up. You don't need morning caffeine when you ride one of these to work.

This is when I made a dumb decision. When I reached the bottom of the hill, rather than stopping at the intersection like a good boy, I chose to just maintain my speed and follow a car out. I cruised through the intersection following directly behind the car and therefore was blind to the huge pothole approaching. Without warning all 25 mph of me kept moving forward, while the board came to and sudden halt. Game over*. 

*But not really because I had a helmet on.

Other than the scrapped elbows and shoulders...and knees...oh and ankles and wrists...the week was great. I seriously love my board. I fully acknowledge it's techie nerdiness (and it's danger) but it saves me so much time, is incredibly thrilling, and beats driving to work any day. If you are curious, check out to learn more about where I work. It's such a great company. And heyโ€”I haven't had this kind of road rash since I was 16 years old so this little crash has me feeling young again.

I also was able to go surfing this week for a little sunrise session at Half Moon Bay. It was incredible. The waves were glassy, there was no wind, and filled with beautiful sunshine. It was a little taste of summer weather that I can't wait to get more of. 

PS. I'm still married and have a baby boy, but I forgot to take my camera out on the weekend. They are great and I'm so happy that Sara puts up for me and babies me when I bleed. I'm so lucky to be hers. 

Here's to more adventures. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ



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