Alcatraz & Land's End

This week was another one filled with lots of activity. Mitch (Sara's brother) came to visit so it made a good excuse for us to get out and see some of the sites around San Francisco.

When we first moved here two years ago we fully embraced the tourism of the city. Every where we went we were like googely-eyed kids, blown away by each colorful victorian house. Whenever we glimpsed the Golden Gate Bridge, or walked through downtown it was almost overwhelming to the senses. That magic has obviously faded after living here for years, but sometimes there are moments when I still feel overcome but the beauty that this place holds. 

It's hard to look at these views and not be impressed. 


On Saturday we hiked around through Land's End and caught glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge. We watched the powerful tide pull water out to sea through the narrow channel and read how over 300 ships have crashed and sunk on these rocks. #sharkbait


Theo is so funny lately. He talks non-stop and has a "why" question for literally everything he sees, hears, or thinks. The hike was short one, just a little over a mile, but he ran almost the entire thing. He has a massive amount of energy for a such a small little body. 

When he finally got tired and couldn’t climb up the hills I put him on my shoulders and carried him up the way. He kept covering my eyes so that I couldn’t see and nearly made me trip several times. Every little chastisement I would give only resulted in a giddy little laugh.

He loves being mischievous. I try not to award that kind of behavior but it's so hard not to. He makes me happier than anything else on earth. 

I love it when people come to visit us. It allows me to step back into the world of being new here and see life through someone else's eyes. It was great to get out and see the city. San Francisco is rich with experiences.

If you want to come visit us, please do. Our home is always open and we're more than happy to be your tour guide. 

Kyson Dana is a designer and humanitarian working from San Francisco, California. He specializes in web design, branding, and illustration for purpose driven companies.