Sunset Beach Camping

It's basically summer right now in the Bay Area. It's been super warm later (70s) and so we decided to take Theo camping! We headed down South of Santa Cruz to a campground called Sunset Beach. We of course were super slow at packing so we missed the sunset at Sunset Beach because we arrived just as it was getting dark. A bit anti-climatic, I know.

It was so much fun camping though. Theo slept great which is kind a miracle seeing how our last three attempts at camping have been utterly miserable. Picture consoling a sobbing toddler in the middle of the freezing cold night by stuffing him in your tiny, already cramped mummy bag, and you'll have a good idea of how camping has been for us in the past. This time was luckily so much better. The campground was very much "city-style" camping with neighbors 30 feet to either side of us, but hey—what can you do? We're in California. 

We slept in our tent, cooked over the fire, biked and skated around the campground, and spent the day at the beach. It was pretty amazing. Theo didn't want to go home at the end and has been talking about camping ever since so we'll have to make it back out again soon. 

For this week I'll let the photos do the talking. 

Thanks for following along! 


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